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Friday, September 12, 2008

Shopping today & Dissapointments

First off I am dissappointed at Michaels they no longer carry tatting needles or shuttles the only thing that the Michaels in my area has is some tatting thread in the small skein things :( So we went to eat at CiCi's Pizza and JoAnn fabrics was in the same area so we decided to take a peek in there the only thing they carry are shuttles :( I dont like that not at all So when I need new needles I will have to order online Ohhhh Well I guess that is how it goes.

Now on to what I got today. My hubby spoiled me and supports my habit :) I tell him atleast its not drugs Ha Ha

Feathers when I seen these I immediately thought of designing a bird with an awesome feather tail LOL

these trees I found yesterday at WalMart I thought I could tat some mini ornaments for them they were only $1 each they are about 6-8" tall I am too lazy to go and grab a ruler to measure exactly

Some beads and stuff for creating

a nifty new case for my needles scissors crochet hooks and a few pens

threads to add to doilys or something

threads and yarn

close up of the yarns

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Ridgewoman said...

Well Hon, don't feel like the "lone stranger" Our nearest town is 2 hours one way; and we have one 'mall' which is a 24/7 Wally World. Our Wally World carries no tatting supplies. This area is, however, wonderful for beads (although way too expensive ~ cheaper to order on line) because there are a durth of folks who think they know how to make necklaces and ear rings. When I get to Las Cruces (not often) my choices are Hobby Lobby; and, for the art of tatting the pickings are slim! Although for other crafts it is a great place. Jo Ann's is probably the worst Jo Ann's I've ever wheeled into ~ it definitely isn't wheelchair friendly; but, they haven't much in the way of supplies.
All of my shopping for Colcha Embroidery and Tatting are from on line vendors who Tat, make shuttles, and are involved in the art. I get my beads from FMG and Artbeads.com; my threads and beads from Be-stitched.com; and, Ds9designs.com and Handy Hands. When the dollor is strong I also have vendors in England that I really like. As the saying goes, "Where there is a will, there's a way"
In my case going to stores is a challenge, but it doesn't mean I don't like to get out and about.
Wally World seem to be carrying less and less in the way of supplies nationwide. I've spoken to the mgr of our WW and there is nothing they can do about the cutting back. I commiserate with your shopping disappointments, but hangeth thou in there and let your fingers do the walking on line!
Happy Creating, Bev