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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Meet Scotty and Rose

I had posted a long while ago that I was going to make these for my kids and finally did today and was so excited to give it to them early so they got it a bit ago. They loved it and are playing with them now. Ned is a bit jealous that 2 other dogs have joined his palace lol
This is Rose and Scotty they are Shaggy dogs that have now joined our family.
As you see Ned isn't too impressed right now

He awoke from his slumber and realized he wasn't alone, he's a bit worried here that he is no longer "boss"

After I reassured him that he will always be top dog in this house he was a bit relieved

He then resorted to a bit of flirting with his mommy to keep his TOP DOG position :)

Here he is explaining the rules of the house to Scotty

Now explaining to Rose

Shannan and Rose

Nathaniel and Scotty

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