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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Paper weight and Necklaces

My daughter wanted necklaces for her and her friends I was up until 1:30am doing these I crocheted the necklaces for them and the pink motifs are stiffened with glitter and the butterflies as well as the motif are from my newest book. the only thing I did differently was the clover is turned out because i was tired and it was being stubborn so I left it like that lol it looks neat

this is the butterfly from my book in the paperweight. its not quite as I wanted it BUT its still nice my daughters teacher from last year was the recipeint of this

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'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

WoW Heather,,good think you are a great tatter!!!! WoW that is a LOT of tatting! Nice work. I am sure all those necklaces will be appreciated!

Nice paperweight too! Love those butterflies!