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Monday, January 5, 2009

Attempt & Success (25 motif challange motif #1 also)

Well I started back to work today, it was a long day, we will just say that...
Got home, made supper for me and the kids did the usual evening stuff and decided to sit and tat, I miss Dave terribly, I just needed a hug this evening but I will have to wait until Saturday for that :( Any hoo I did this small motif with my "the tropics" HDT its not available because I used up the smaller skeins I had wound so they are MINE ALL MINE Ha Ha!!
I think my shuttle tatting is looking better. I still am having troubles with making the chains look nice but in time that will happen.
And then I decided to attempt something "NEW" so I did, because I am so tired I cant fall asleep and I have the swollen gland from he** its big, and behind my ear, I hate when I get these because well they just plainly HURT i understand why kids pull their ears when they hurt, that is all I want to do, and I wanted something to relax me. I tried 2 shuttle tatting I thought this was going to be alot harder than it was and its not... I reallly like it... Stay tuned to see what I am making.

Ohhh and my patience motif I was speaking of well its on hold for a bit because well its making me crazy LOL
Well I better get to bed its about 20 til midnight. I got work and the kids got school...

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yarnplayer said...

Hope you are feeling better by now.
Your shuttle tatting is looking good! I like that round motif with the open center - pretty colors, too!