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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a week and motif #6

First of all Monday I "thought" I was getting a sinus infection I felt horrid as heck, Tuesay went to work and I was feeling allright tired but ok until I got home and made supper I started getting sick, it hit me so fast, I spent the night in the bathroom :( I havent felt that bad in a long time Wednesday was spent in bed I wasnt even in the mood to tat. I went to work the past 3 days and am feeling better, I still feel the sinuses acting up though. Its getting really hectic at work I have gotten jobs that others didnt want to do so on top of mine I got lots to do but not enough time.

I got home today around 2 and spent some much needed time relaxing. I decided to mess with my tatting and came up with this flower I used 2 shuttles. I really didnt write it down lol

Hope everyone is well!


Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Heather, I do hope you are feeling better now. I had a bad sinus headache last week. They are the worst.

Your little flower is cute!

I got your message and can't wait to get the little shuttle I ordered and try it out.

Take Care!

❦TattingChic said...

Your flower is darling! I hope you write it down. It's the perfect little motif for a card or putting on a CQ square or something like that! :)