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Friday, March 13, 2009

I may get to tat today

Well I went into work yesterday, had a BAD day we will just leave it at that... plus my truck decided to be bad again the water pump went :( I really hate this luck we been having. I am not going in to work today, I feel better but with no vehicle I am not walking today its just too cold or I may consider it, and personal reasons and the kicker I lost my voice its gone, the kids are probably happy I cant yell at them LOL
I plan to tat today and hopefully get a few thigns done... I am not overdoing it, I feel alot better than I was and dont need to make myself worse by doing alot of cleaning and stuff like crazy... Tomorrow is my husbands birthday, we are going to get new glasses tomorrow too and his sister is meeting us at Applebees to treat him out for his birthday, it will be nice the kids will be at my moms so we will have a nice evening together.
I still havent gotten him anything for his birthday, I have no clue on what to get him... I will figure something out :)
Well I am off to get my monsters ready for school
Have a good day and hopefully later I have something to show