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Sunday, June 21, 2009

25 motif challenge #10, #11

#10 is another pair of sequin earrings i see I put one backwards on the scanner LOL guess that is what you get when scanning while tired tee hee ;)

#11 is a pair of dragon earrings or necklace pendants not sure which yet but this was inspirted by the Ring Trim dragon I cant do the SSSR so I decided to make up my own pattern I didnt copy the pattern but just looked and made my own which I guess is copying in its own way. LOL But the 1st one didnt turn out so well and the 2nd one still needed work and the last 2 there were the final result that I am happy with...
Shannan is doing good today and healing I just got to get her to settle down she is to be on 2 weeks of taking it easy and here we are only 3 days after surgery and she is trying to run around and she talks too much by the end of the evening her voice is so weak it kind of breaks my heart hearing her sound like that. I cant wait until she is all well I am just glad the worst is over!!


Fox said...

Love the little earrings - the sequins are great! Doesn't even matter about 'backwards'!

Val said...

the earrings shimmer, and they look fun!

great to know that your daughter's doing well. :) and she's certainly a good choice to model your work.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I love all your new earrings. How fun and imaginative! Also, I am so glad to hear that Shannon is doing well!

yarnplayer said...

These are all so pretty and clever!

Glad to hear that your little girl is feeling better.

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

Thanks Everyone!!!