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Saturday, June 20, 2009

owwwie I got a boo boo

I have really dry cracked feet at times, well most of the time hubby calls me Razor Foot LOL... I had a small crack not even on the bottom my heel its on the side it started small so I filed and creamed it alot. Well then it kept cracking and cracking so I filed and creamed again, it was doing ok until Thursday being at the hospital all day walking around it kept cracking and bleeding more it hurt alot so that night I filed and creamed again and the next day i got out of bed and I felt it CRACK again it hurt sooooooo bad, So while getting Shannans prescription I asked our pharmacist what she suggested they said the gold bond cream it smells so nice and she suggested liquid bandaid I was leery on this one but decided to brave it and it seems to really work I put it on last night and when I got up this morning it didnt hurt much at all when I got up. I took the liquid bandaid off for now and am going to keep my foot moist for today since I do most my walking around during the day I am gonna wait until tomorrow to put the liquid bandaid on through the day and keep it off at night. My foot hurts so bad and I told my husband he had to cook and everything today but I really dont think that will happen HA HA!!
On another note
Shannan is doing great I told her no talking today since she has been straining to keep talking so she is writing notes to us its cute. Her throat is looking alot better, I just have to keep on her to drink alot of fluids she is eating good too So that makes momma really happy :) My son keeps acting up more and is a bit jealous.

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battatter said...

Here's what helps me when I get an owwie like that. Get a vitamin E capsule, open it, smear the gooey stuff(it is sort of like honey) on the owwie. Put a bandage on it. It should almost be healed the next day. If not, it will be a heck of a lot better. That stuff works wonders. I always have it around, for one thing, if you have cramps, take about 1000 mg a day and you will decrease them significantly if not totally! Plus, it is great for your heart, hair, just about everything in your body!