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Friday, June 19, 2009

Shannans Surgery and THANKS

Well I am gonna write a bit about yesterday, it was an extremely stressful day for me...
They wanted us to be there at 9am and she was scheduled to be in surgery at 10:30 She did great I was shaking and feeling sick she was being her silly self... Well 10:30 came and went and finally at 11 they put her on the gurney (i guess that is what its called) I started to tear up I tried so hard to hold it in so I wouldnt upset her but she just laughed at me LOL. We then proceded to the 6th floor into the pre-op room they talked about anestetic. I cant tell you how much that word made me scared. I was terrified something would go wrong and she wouldnt come out of it. But I just kept telling myself she will be fine. So they put her IV in and she started to cry, I lost it more, I tried my hardest not to cry but it couldnt be helped. She was then upset, I "thought" they would put her under while I was there and they DIDNT I was upset, she was too they finally at 11:30 took her from me and I just felt my heart sink. I was scared as heck and cried in the waiting room while a stupid stupid man just kept pointing at me and laughing saying "shes crying ha ha ha" I thought to myself if I werent so upset I would go and slap him but I kept my cool. By now I had another bad headache, they told me it would be 15 minutes until I could see her well 15 minutes turned into 40 minutes and I was starting to freak out I was scared because it was taking so long. So finally I got to see her and I calmed myself for her. She was coming out of it and crying she wouldnt even look at me, I hated to see her that way but after about 2 hours she was back to herself, well somewhat. She immediately ate 3 popsicles and water and some sierra mist they told her since she was doing so good she could try solid food, she ate some soup, a bunch of grapes, crackers, and a slice of bread. She felt a little sick but was fine. The doctor said she did great and her adenoids were huge. He said if she ate most of her supper she could go home at night. Shannan wanted to stay the night but with the headache I had I was so ready to go home. I tried to eat lunch but betweent he stress and headache the food made me nautious so I couldnt really eat. I tried to nap but Shannan kept bugging me to look at the tv after all Sponge Bob was on :). She ate most of her supper Mac & Cheese was her favorite she did good. I tried to eat supper also but like with lunch I couldnt eat. So finally at 5:30 she was being discharged kinda mad at me for wanting to go home instead of having her spend the night. On the way to my moms house to pick up my son she threw up but I think it was kind of car sick. She was fine after that. I was so glad when we got home. My wonderful mom and Nate made us some Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad and Jello for shannan... THANKS MOMMY!! After we got home I was just ready to drop, I sent the kids to get changed and stuff and I talked to Dave and I just cried. I swear it was the worst day I have ever had. I know Shannan had no picnic either. Dave sent me to go and take a hot bath and boy it was relaxing. I still had my headache but I was getting hungry, so I finally ate something. Shannan went to bed at 7:30 Nate went to bed at 8:00 and I crashed not long after but I woke at 2am and couldnt get back to sleep.
Shannan got up at 5:30ish she looks so much better today and I am glad I am making her drink and she is getting angry with me LOL Today will be a day filled with cartoons and just laying around for all of us LOL I dont care either... I didnt even look at my tatting yesterday so I think today I will though.
Okie Dokie enough rambling for now I hope my coffee starts working LOL
THANKS everyone for your comments


Clyde said...

Enjoy the day of tatting and cartoons it is exactly what everybody needs.

Krystle said...

Good job mama bear. so glad to hear things are going well!

Chiara said...

Hi, I am sure you are an extraordinary and special mum!! Hugs =)