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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday things and a bit of a funny...

Ok I guess I will start at the beginning of my day. 4am wake up as usual for some reason this morning my butt wasnt dragging as bad as it usually is in the morning anymore. Got hubby up at 4:45 and couldnt find the dog. I was a bit frantic becuase once he sees an open door he is gone and by gone I mean running like a bullet is chasing him. There was a point where he seen a rabbit outside and got up on the window sill and pushed the screen out and was gone. Dave and I were scouring the house checked the kids rooms sometimes he goes to sleep in there, still no Ned :( I was on the verge of tears and I went back into the bedroom and what did I see... Our pillows a mess only to find Ned underneath them all HA HA!! What a dumb dog I was just laying there too I cant believe we didnt hear or smell him. He ususally snores like a chainsaw and farts like an old man. YUK! lol
Next we got my son up to the bus stop for his summer camp, he is really enjoying it and its calming him down ALOT and despite alot of the "stuff" I gotta do for him for this camp it is well worth it. My evenings arent full of stress as much. I had my camera and the sun was barely out its supposed to be a rainy crappy day and it is weather wise. Anyways I got this beautiful picture of my rose blooming...

I plan on teaching my daughter to tat so I told her to read the book first a few times and then we will start she got into it today. I am teaching her needle first because its what I taught myself to do first and I got to thinking I wander how long I been tatting well in November around my birthday it will be 7 years I been tatting. Boy time flys when you are having fun. Included here is my very 1st piece I made when I learned actually the night I learned it was the best think I ever done, and the best Birthday present my hubby ever got me :)
Also I figured out the cause of my DAILY headaches. I wear glasses because my eyes are bad. I have astigmatism, and am near sighted and far sighted, my left eye is the worst and keeps getting worse each eye exam... Well I had gotten new glasses in March. Its usually 1 hour for glasses well it took alot longer I hated the framed I had and I had 30 days to exchange them, so I did and it took them 4 hours to do them because they kept snapping lenses etc... Well the lenses never did fit the frame right they kept popping out at the top they just dont seem right WELL I did find my old glasses and put them on and can you believe I can see better, I know the new prescription is messed up because my right eye has stayed the same and the lens is odd if you have astigmatism you know what I mean things are crooked in a way. the lens is not right and the left one is BAD I had Dave look through them and he noticed a big difference he cant see through them but he said there is definately a difference. No headache today and that makes me Happy!! :) Maybe I will avoid migraines now, maybe not completely but more than I am now. Even tatting today didnt bother my eyes that is ALWAYS a plus :)


Ladytats said...

HI Heather, it is never good when your glasses are wrong. Hope you stop back at the glasses place, did they put the lenses in upside down? i have heard that happen.

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

Thanks Jeanne. Who knows with them they were so messed up that say LOL I plan on getting down there "sometime" soon

Anonymous said...

usually the Doctor that examines your eyes will check your glasses for free ... if it is the wrong prescription, you might go back to the place that filled the prescription and talk to the manager or the Doctor's office may call for you ... this is a "medical issue" ... these places are licensed to operate as a "medical" facility ... like a pharmacy is for drugs ... this can be reported as medical malpractice ... this is serious - what if you had a car accident because of the wrong lenses or the lenses pop out and injure you ????