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Monday, January 11, 2010

Grrrrr! Monday

Mondays stink!! Anymore that is my attitude I used to LOVE monday because the kids would be in school and hubby at work and I would have some time to just relax in what I was doing instead of having everyone at me... I was so tired this morning that my eyes felt like they were on fire. My stupid phone line is messed up due to the weather, I hadent talked to my mom for 4 days I did call her today while I was out. That just sucks!!

My house is a wreck
I had to go for groceries today
I just ate lunch too fast now my stomach is feeling icky
I have a million and one things to do
I dont feel like doing any of it
I would rather tat

Isnt grocery shopping the worst
you go to the store
you load up your cart
you go to the check out unload the cart
pay and then reload the cart again
go to your vehicle
unload your cart again
go home unload the car
and then unpack everything
then put it away
you then frown at the amount of money you spent as to the amout of groceries you have
you still hear from your spouse and children "there is nothing here"

I bought me a Strawberry Crush today I never seen it Its not too bad.

I am wandering what to make for supper? fish and pieroghies or NOTHING!!
I vote nothing! Think that would go over well here LOL

Well guess I better get busy, or maybe not. Perhaps the maid will do it, ohhh wait THATS ME!! :S


Sharon D. said...

Sounds like we had the same kind of day. Had to go to the store and I really hate it. Plus it is cold and the street are not real good here because of the snow storm we had last wee. I think we should just skip Monday all together. Hope the rest of your day gets better.

TypsTatting said...

Hope Tuesday is a better day for you!!! My Monday was a bit hectic as well. Had three ceiling fans installed it was hot and the house was a mess.