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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday January 12, 2010

Well my Tatting Tea Tuesday wasnt REAL exciting

I did this... I had a lady request 3 colors and I made up some samples as well and decided to do a colorway as well :)

And this but its not finished
I was merely using up thread on some shuttles

And this

Its the Prima Butterfly from Lady Shuttle Makers book The Exquisite Collection of Tatted Butterflies
Ohhhhh ane before I forget I bought some new tea yesterday it was Lipton Green Tea Orange, Passion Fruit & Jasmine... TALK ABOUT AWESOME TASTING TEA!! It was good!!


TypsTatting said...

The Butterfly's are lovely just love the colours. Margaretha

wickedtats said...

Lovely butterfly - I must try this pattern. Is that a growing bracelet I spy? What an awesome idea! Looking forward to see what your new HDT is like

Isdihara said...

Ooh, new dyed thread...
What a lovely butterfly too -- and if you are emptying shuttles, could it mean you are about to embark on a new tatting project?

Thank you for join in the TTT fun this week! It is always a delight to read your posts.

Nancy in Dallas said...

I know, I know....I should be tatting but surfing is soooo fun! WOW look at those beautiful colors!

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

thanks Margaretha :)

Aileen, Thanks, Nope not a growing bracelet its the start of ' something '

Isdihara yep new thread and I did another today ;) hmmmmm you know me I am always into a new something or other lol I love TTT its FANTASTIC

Nancy, there is no hurry, surf all you want I sure do enough of it myself when I should be doing other things, Take your time!!!


Rayanna said...

love the butterfly. i love purple.

Fox said...

Great purple! I am so intrigued by the dying process.... Love the use of the laundry rack. Another idea I am stashing away ...

Pretty butterfly!
Fox : )