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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have a really bad case of wannado

Watch out it could be catchy. I dont really know for sure but if you end up with it dont blame me I gave you forewarning LOL

Today starts Lent and you are supposed to give something up or do something, I said to hubster last night 'what should I give up?' without thought he said 'TATTING' I gave him a look that would probably kill most men but he is used to it he knows when to look away before sudden death comes to him. I told him to give up the car then (we only have 1 vehicle at the moment) so I could go when / if I needed to. He decided to be a smart a## and say 'well I was gonna just give up work' ha ha he got the look again... I said well I really think I should give up being maid / mother / and wife until Easter. That way I can do MORE tatting, I got so many things I 'wanna do' That is when Dave said you have a bad case of the wannado's then he asked me 'just how many """'''projects'''""" do you have in the making OOoopppppsss!!??!! i told him to just be quiet and mind his own business it is my problem not his... So this led me to a litte quest, just how many different projects do I have going. YIKES Lets see the Tatted Ladies book is getting finished, Working on Afternoon Tattings, Tatted Winter Fun book 2 is in the works, Kaleida Tats is started, plus 10 other odd pieces I started and stopped only to be on to another... I told him only 14 if not more were left in limbo. He rolled his eyes. So I told him I knew what I was doing for lent, I am giving up house work, mother hood, and wifey duties... Sound good?? YEA RIGHT like that will ever happen ROFL

I am so sick of this weather, I normally love snow but Grrrr! Its been snowing and snowing and snowing ohhh did I mention ITS BEEN SNOWING.
We are to get 2-5" today 2-5" tomorrow and ANOTHER storm coming in GROWL!!
I am definately in a funk along with what my son is doing and some of the crap-ola my 30 year (i mean 3 year) old sister is doing to my mother, my mind races all the time about everything. I worry about my mom, I worry about my son and daughter, I know she feels hurt by what he does too and does get less attention :(
The weather has got me DOWN DOWN DOWN in the dumps. Stupid winter, Stupid snow. BLAH!!

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Sharon D. said...

Heather I am with you on this winter. I will not even tat anything in white. More of that lovely stuff coming here again this weekend. I just want to see anything but white when I look out side. Waiting on you ladies book.