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Monday, February 22, 2010

DANGER * Smoke Bomb *

Did you know that cleaning your bathroom can be toxic, therefore I vow to never do it again ROFLOL yea right...
Anyways I got laundry going, burger cooking for chili, and decided while the burger gets nice and brown I would clean up my bathrooms, WELL some idiot (who me?? nooooo) put THE WORKS toilet cleaner in the toilet to soak (i love that stuff it cleans EVERYTHING) anywhoo without thinking I grabbed my Mr Clean (with febreeze) and sprayed and began cleaning and all of a sudden there was smoke, OMG FIRE FIRE in the toilet?? no APPARENTLY mr clean and the works DO NOT get along, once I caught a whiff of that I almost instantly threw up yuk!! I turned on the bathroom fan and got out of dodge. my poor nose is bleeding now too a little bit, and my eyes are burning, YIKES that was horrible. See that is why cleaning your bathroom is toxic. I wish I could vow to never do it again, but no one else will :(
Allthough my recent accidental discovery could be a useful BOMB, or tear gas, I wander if I should contact our President and tell him of this recent find?? I could make millions, and be famous ohhhhhhh and that means I could buy any tatting item I wanted when I wanted.
See you later gonna call Mr Obama...


Fox said...

When I read your humourous post - yes those chemicals can kill - I actually pronounced your President's name O - BOMB - A!

So politically incorrect! And funny!

Fox : )

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

that is pretty much how his name is pronounced LOL. That is definately one mix I never want to put together again WOW here I am 6 hours later and still my nose and eyes are burning. LOL