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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Blah Blah

Well I spent most of the day in front of this computer, tsk tsk tsk I know but it was spent wisely. I messed around on Face book for awhile talking to a few friends, messing around etc... but then I got with my ladies book some more and I only have 4 more to type out. may not seem like alot but they are big patterns and get a bit confusing.

My poor nose and eyes are still sore from my recent bomb making. My calls to the president went un answered ohhh well I had big dreams for a moment there ROFL

we are now getting sleet, freezing rain and snow all at once LOVELY!! GRRRR

Everyone is gone today school and work... Allthough I love the peace and quiet I miss them, dont tell them that though lol

I had a good weekend got lots of odds and ends done and spent some much needed time with my hubby allthough we are usually here together I felt like last week we werent here together. Those of you who are married for over 11 years and still head over heels and get butterflies in your tummy know what I am talking about its the little things that matter most, here I am getting all mushy so sorry. LOL

I got Chili cookin in the crock pot I may give out my recipe tomorrow WHO KNOWS I usually just make up my own recipes for everything.

I ordered me some new shuttles, thread, hook pen, and books I am so excited to get all my goods.

The afternoon tatting book has gotten 2 new additions, you know when you make something and it looks sort of like something else and you cant get it out of your head, yep that is what happened to me AGAIN!!! sigh!

Saturday I took some AWESOME photos here is a favorite well actually 4

And this is just too cute. I sat down to tat and my 2 furry kids always have to lay with me and they both were cuddled up together

just pardon my legs and ankle and big belly in the picture lol

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