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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Sunday, May 9, 2010 was mothers day...
I will start with Saturday May 8, 2010. Went to Debbies house :D Had a great time chatting while the kids played together her son is so adorable and funny. The kids all played together and there wasnt 1 fight between my kids that is until we left they didnt want to go...
Got home to a lovely gift from my husband, 3 shuttles from the Antique Depot. A black one, A red one and a silver metal one and the original price on it was 39 cents. I know for a fact that one is old...
Hubby decided to take me out to eat for supper. We were getting ready and the kids were in the car I just get in and hear my son telling my daughter to keep her mouth shut... hmmm something happened or he had done something AGAIN! She asked me politely, mom can I tell you outside of the car? I said yes so we walked away from the car and then she told me... Shannan: Mom Nate said something that I know would make you sad, but please dont be sad because I love you... Me: Ok tell me honey. Shannan: just please dont cry ok mommy. Me: ok I wont Shannan: Nate said that Chris has a good mom, not like my mom. Me: (jaw drop) did he really say that. Shannan: yes... I knew she wasnt lying because my son says things like that all the time just not as harsh. I was sad, hurt and angry. That kid makes me so upset all the time, no wander I am crazy LOL I am still angry with him because he is acting like I should have forgiven him already. NO... He didnt even apologize and he said I was only joking. I know he wasnt.
My throat was feeling weird all day too you know like when you sleep with your mouth hanging open all night, well it didnt leave plus I been battling allergies for a few weeks now. Saturday evening it was evident it was a bad allergy attack... My voice was going my throat is raw, but not real sore. If you suffer from bad allergies you know what I am talking about.
Woke up Sunday feeling miserable as all heck. My voice sounded worse and i couldnt talk for long without choking and coughing (gotta love allergies) Hubby decided to go to the store and get some things for lunch and supper since I was under the weather and it was Mothers day... He came home with frozen pizzas and bbq chicken wings YUM! I wasnt able to go see my mom either due to me not feeling that great I even had a slight temperature :( I didnt want to make her sick she has way too much to deal with at home with my dad, sister and brother at times. I felt so terrible not being able to go, I was worrying all day that she was mad or upset that I couldnt come over :*( I really hope she isnt... We are going over on Wednesday both kids will be home due to appointments that day. I will show you her gifts I made after Wednesday because she keeps an eye on me ;) lol She likes to look at all the pretties on my blog and I dont want her to see her gifts yet.
I took the plunge and am going to try selling my photos again I have an etsy shop look above you will see it.
I am tired this morning, I couldnt sleep that well due to my sons actions, stuffy head and weird feeling throat. Ginger is all snuggled up with me and its not helping lol

til next post possibly tomorrow


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Ooh! I like the new look!

snowy said...

Hello, Heather. I don't usually comment, but felt I must re-assure with regard to your son's tactless comment. You know children only see what is better about other parents, my children who are spoilt to death, honestly, I never discipline, they were allowed to have whatever they wanted, no bedtimes, no horrendous structured food events (known in other families as "meals") and yet they would tell me they would prefer to have X's mother because they knew how to cook, or some other random thing.
My eldest two are now 26 and 24 and they tell me I'm the best mother ever, but it wasn't always that way. You just remind Nate(?) that he's got the Mom he deserves, send him to stay with a friend for a sleepover, he will soon see which side his bread is buttered! Mine changed their tune when they saw how other parents were once everyone had gone home.