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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday August 17, 2010...

Its been one of those days again, things go on and go hay wire you know what I mean it seems the last few weeks - month have been like that for us... Our 1 fridge may be about dead but the good thing of it is we have another, and if the one is dead I will have a free corner for my christmas tree hee hee... Nahhh I am not glad of it, because the reason we made the discovery is we had an escapee I bought my kids some new hermit crabs last week and we had one somehow get out, we still havent found the little guy :( I just hope where ever he is in the house he can keep himself alive after all we do have dogs and hermit crabs like to eat dog food and the water is always full too, I just wish I would see or hear him so we can get him safely back with his other pals in the tank... Things happen.
I have been tatting or attempting to tat I should say things have just been getting me down lately so I am not in a mood for it I start to tat and then mess up but I think I am getting myself out of my funk or atleast trying my darndest too... Today I took alot and I do mean ALOT of photos more than I have for awhile, it felt good.

I got an amazing package in the mail last week one day I think it was last week anyways... Georgia Seitz and I decided to barter isnt it fun ;) She wanted all my books on disk for a price BUT I said would you like to trade a shuttle AND / OR set of picot gauges. She agreed and instead of just A shuttle and A set of gauges I got all this.................... *WOW* how generous I am still in awe over it all... Thanks again Georgia

And (sorry no pic) I got my book from Martha **More Critters on the Block** I cant wait to work on some but that will be saved for the kids first day of school (I cant believe I am saying that already) They go back on August 30...
Hmmmmmmmmmm??? Wander what these will be for? and NO they arent painted.

One of my new shuttle ideas, PRETTY huh?

And last I am tatting with this magnificent thread that was hand spun for me by Raven she wanted a custom color of thread for a fair project. We made a trade, she hand spun it just for me :) Its pure silk hand spun thread and allthough very soft its wonderful to work with and its not white its more of a cream color I love it and I may have to experiment with dying it too ;) I believe she told me it was a 3ply but its a very VERY strong thread... I just cant imaing all the time and effort that goes in to hand spinning I had (at one point) wanted to try it but I am already into so many different things I think seriously my husband would try to kill me with my tatting needles and shuttles or smother me with the thread or drown me in the dye if I got into anything else LOL 

Well I am off to do who knows what... Night


Clyde said...

Hi Heather, I just wanted to let you know that the reason you are not receiving my emails is because they keep coming back to me with a failure notice saying it could not connect with your address.

Isdihara said...

OOH! A package from Georgia is a treasure indeed! Now we both have fish-shaped shuttles. Perfect for tatting on April 1st -- International Tatting Day!

Love your photos too - the rose and butterfly photos are stunning!