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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday, Post 1 of ?? and custom shuttle to show

First let me show you this custom shuttle I made for a customer, Its clay she wanted it in grey with the initials KB ... I did a few different versions and with the crappy weather of humidity we had I bed I had to pitch about 4 of them  but here is the final one, I am so proud of the design of this, she wanted it larger than I had my own template for so I had to expand it a bit...

I have to run to the post office today I got a bunch of things to mail out including a surprise for one of my tatting friends... Gee who will it be :o)

I have more photos to take of the shuttles and stuff today, I am seriously thinking of opening an artfire shop with my clay, does anyone use Artfire? Suggestions, comments??? I know unlike etsy you DO NOT have to have an account with them.

Most of the weekend and yesterday I was busy with the thread hopefully if I get time today I will get it into skeins and be able to put it in my shop along with the other ones I been meaning to get up. Hmmmm what color(s) is it??? Wait and see.

I have also been messing with wood shapes, ovals mostly, I *WAS* attempting to make some tiny wood shuttles but it seemed to just be a  bit too flimsy and probably crack in no time, ohhhh well I tried but I am not going to stop trying.

I hope to be back later with some tatting to show, better yet I WILL be back later with tatting to show...

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Isdihara said...

What an intriguing new clay shuttle design, and how terrific that it was a custom order!

Thanks for posting today for Tatting Tea Tuesday, I so enjoy reading your posts!