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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some January Tatting

I have more to show but didn't get it photographed yet... I am getting in my funk again and that is not good at all.
Any ways, today I had an idea that had to do with my wooden bird houses. I pulled out the shuttles and went to work and I got this:
And this I did on Tuesday: Tatting Tea Tuesday: It was supposed to be an earring but didn't turn out right, as I looked at it, it seemed to look like a goddess. Then as I looked at it at a different angle as I was walking past on my flurry of cleaning up it had a whole new appearance: A genie bottle.

Maybe not but that is what it seems to look like to me, now to tat a tiny genie?


shannon_in_love said...

i really like that bird house, at first i thought that the little flowers were real but i looked a bit closer and lo and behold they were tatted. and the humming bird is very pretty. i love it.

Valerie said...

that's a beautiful birdhouse with a cute little blackbird. good job!

IsDihara said...

And smoke! Hee, hee...then the genie can quote a line from the Disney animated feature, Alladin:

"Poof! What do you need?"
"Poof! What do you need?"