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Thursday, August 20, 2009

#17 for the 25 motif challenge

This one I really LOVE I came up with it last night and finished it tonight when my sons behavior councellor was here it gave me about 2 hours of peace so I tatted :) I used a size 30 thread. 2 shuttles and the beads go on the core thread. The # of beads depends on how long you want this I tried to make a bracelet but its too big for that and too small for a necklace. So its just a sample piece. the pattern is there too attached I hope you can see it that is if you want to make
it you would probably see it better if you clicked on it for the larger view and saved it to your computer that way. I dont know if this would qualify as celtic??? I just assumed that if its twisted its celtic, can anyone clarify this for me??? Anywhoo enjoy if you want I really love this design and bear in mind also as a needle tatter for years my patterns are written as needle so usually where you see RW you may need to use the shoe lace trick...

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Fox said...

That is a very pretty cord!