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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wrap Stitching around a ring with the NEEDLE

I LOVE JON!! Dont you all too :) She is such a fun lady super nice and SUPER DUPER smart. I been wandering about wrapping the rings as well. I do shuttle tat but prefer the needle because its what I taught myself with I guess its just more comfortable...

Jon has a tutuorial on how to do this with the needle and it didnt take me long to get it last night It was easy and fun!! I am not done but I did get it started She asked that someone test it and I did :)



***Jon**** said...

Yeay, it works! I am so looking forward to see you coming up with your own designs with this.

Gina said...

I knew you could wrap the rings with a needle because that's been done for decorative buttons, etc., but tatting off of the ring with a needle along the way...I have only done the basics of needle tatting so don't know. I've been watching though. LOL!